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We are a wellbeing beauty brand where science, research and inspiration meet.At Arooba’s DIY, we believe in using the best natural and synthetic ingredients available to address the hair/skin care needs creating organic, wild-crafted skin and hair care products that work with the body’s own biochemistry to support the body’s own innate healing abilities.

Our criteria is simple: Each product needs to be natural, toxin-free, and 100 percent functional (a.k.a safe products that truly work) providing people with an exciting healthy experience from superior ingredients in a fine selection of high quality skin/hair care products.
Armed with a medicine background, a love for natural ingredients and a desire to replace toxic products with safe, beneficial ingredients (because beauty should be easy and enjoyable) my aim is to prove that less chemicals in professional hair beauty products give better results. Wanting to do more for nature and empower people with the healthiest choices, I want to build a community of people supporting each other through their unique journeys, always striving to find more naturally healthy solutions for their skin and hair care needs, so we can all feel confident in our bodies and glow inside out!

Wishing you all the best in your pursuit of a healthy and vibrant existence 🌸
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